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Canister Key 51mm
Canister Key 51mm width. Helpful for easy opening and closing of the 5L canisters. Packaging Content 1x Canister Key 51mm

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Silikonbrush black
The Siliconebrush helps to clean and post process 3D Prints. The flexible bristles loosen residue on hard to reach spots and help the solvents to quicker remove uncured Resin from the model. Packaging Content 1x Silikonbrush black>/p>

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Resin filter are paper funnel with integrated 125μm mesh to filter cured particles from resin. Application for removing cured resin particle Wear gloves when handling resin. If available, place Resin bottle on a silicone mat and use a PP funnel to stable the filter. Pour the resin slowly from the resin tank of the 3D printer through the filter into the bottle. Resin should be filtered as a general maintainance, especially after a failed print to remove loose particles. Disposal To dispose of used resin filter  Let the resin cure under UV light. Dispose of fully cured resin filter is possible through household waste. Packaging Content 1x Box with 10 Resin filter

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