Product information "Lint-Free Wipes | 100Stk - 10 x 10 cm"

Lint-Free Wipes are the perfect addition to every maintenance kit. Designed for use on lenses, filters, screens and other delicate surfaces that can't be handled with traditional cleaning methods or materials. The Lint-Free Wipes are a safe alternative to towels and micro fibre cloth. package includes 100 10cm x 10cm Wipes.

Depending on the used cleaning agent use Nitrile Gloves when handling.

How to use Lint-Free Wipes

  1. Use with Alconox Powdered Precision Cleaner to remove residue effectively.
  2. Always start at center and wipe to outer edges, slide pad of the edge.
  3. minimize handling of Lint-Free Wipes to avoid transfer of oils from skin.
  4. Alternatively use without any product or wipe dry after having used a cleaning agent.

Use Lint-Free Wipes regular to clean glass surfaces to maintain print quality.

Advantages of Lint-Free Wipes

  • Lint-Free to avoid any dust or fibres remaining
  • High quality wipes tear resistant for safe and easy use.
  • General good practice for maintenance.


  • formlabs fuse 1 glass
Not Compatible
  • rough sharp surfaces

Disposal of Lint-Free Wipes

If not contaminated by residue from chemicals, Lint-Free Wipes can be disposes in the in the general waste stream.

Supplemental information
Tariff Code 6307 1030
Country of Origin China
Product weight 0.185 kg
Shipping weight 0.2 kg
Packaging Dimensions 120 x 120 x 43 mm
Shipping Restrictions Not Restricted
SKU 343007
EAN Code 9120078083888
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