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Product information "Cleaningneedles | 0.3 x 75mm - 15x"

The sharp, flexible needle makes loosening clogged nozzles easy and effortless. Due to impurities, dust or particles that enter the nozzle small blockages can occur. The nozzle burns the particles on the metal changing the diameter of the nozzle by a bit which can result in a different amount of filament being extruded than what is necessary or calculated by the slicer. Regular cleaning of the nozzle will keep 3D-Print Quality high.

Full metal build

The full metal build has multiple advantages, it is more sturdy and reliable then part plastic cleaning needles. It cannot melt when in contact with the nozzle but it conducts heat therefor it is necessary to wear heat isolating gloves.

15 Needles individually packed for storage and safekeeping

Every Cleaning Needle is individually packed inside a plastic tube to minimize the risk of accidents. The box out of cardbord can function as a storage box to always have them at hand when needed.

The all metal build conducts heat therefor it is necessary to wear heat resistant gloves.

How to use Cleaning Needles

  1. To remove a blockage with the needle method, an acupuncture or injection needle is required. The size of the needle must be small enough to fit inside the nozzle. With a standard diameter of 0.4 mm, the 0.3 mm needle works perfectly.
  2. Preheat the nozzle to normal printing temperature for the last material used. Be careful, the nozzle is hot and the all-metal construction of the needle conducts heat well. The goal is to loosen the clog and clean the nozzle.
  3. Insert the needle from below and gently move it around. Then remove the needle and manually insert the filament from above and push it through.
  4. If the blockage has not yet cleared, repeat the steps. If this method doesn't work, the cold drawing method is an alternative.

Use Cleaning Needles regular to clean the nozzle to maintain print quality.

Advantages of Cleaning Needles

  • All metal build gets the job done with ease
  • Good practice for maintenance.


  • Nozzles with a Diameter ≥ 0.35mm
Not Compatible
  • Nozzles ≤ 0.3mm

Disposal of Cleaning Needles

Cleaning Needles should be stored in a puncture-proof container (e.g. a sturdy used Resin Bottle) and disposed at a special waste collection site.

Supplemental information
Tariff Code 7319 9000
Country of Origin China
Product weight 0.022 kg
Shipping weight 0.022 kg
Packaging Dimensions 154 x 68 x 14 mm
Shipping Restrictions Not Restricted
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