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Product information "Buildplate Adhesive for PLA, PET-G & FLEX | 50ml"

Buildplate adhesive for PLA, PET-G & FLEX is a water-based powerful adhesive for FDM 3D printer to eliminate warping. Due to the thermal shrinking and internal stress during cool down the 3D printed part can lift off the build plate. An appropriate buildplate adhesive secures the first layer of the print to the build plate.

How to use Buildplate adhesive for PLA, PET-G & FLEX

  1. Shake bottle very well before every use.
  2. Place sponge on glass build plate and press to release solution.
  3. spread thin in circular motion across needed surface area
  4. Start print with recommended settings - during heat up of the heated buildplate the water will evaporate and leave a thin coating to bond with the print
  5. After the print has finished let the build plate cool and remove the print. Residue from can be washed off with warm water

Advantages of Buildplate adhesive for PLA, PET-G & FLEX

  • Securly attaches 3D-Print to the buildplate for a high sucess rate of finished prints.
  • Ideal for glass build plates.


  • PLA Filament
  • PET-G Filament
  • Flexible Filament
Not Compatible
  • PP
  • high temperature Materials

Disposal of Buildplate adhesive for PLA, PET-G & FLEX

Dry residue and Empty bottle can be disposed in the general waste stream.

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