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Product information "Basic Resin | 500g"

Basic Resin is a high quality 3D printing resin from Austria. Mechanical properties of PLA and thermal properties of ABS (heat resistance 121℃C) make this material a solid all-round resin for all applications. Whether on DLP or MSLA, entry level or 8K 3D printers.

Made in Austria

The resin was developed in Austria and is also produced in Austria in compliance with the highest quality standards. The high quality raw materials have been precisely matched to provide pixel accurate prints with sharp edges and clear details. By using methacrylates, it was possible to do without aggressive or particularly harmful ingredients. As a result, the resin is also virtually odorless.

Colors with system

Basic Resin is transparent with a slight yellow tint as standard. By using Color Ampule, a wide color spectrum is opened up by simply mixing in color. Individual transparent or opaque colors are possible. There is something for every application. Color Ampule

Application of Basic Resin

Always wear Nitrile Gloves when handling Resin.

  1. Shake bottle very well to ensure the color is mixed in.
  2. Pour resin into the Resin tank and start the print.
  3. After your print has finished pour Resin back into the bottle - use a Resin Filter to avoid contaminating the fresh resin. Keep exposure to the outside to a minimum.
  4. To clean your model use DPM Wash Solvent or Isopropanol 99,9%
  5. Store bottle cool and dry away from sunlight.

Recommended print settings for layers of 0.025-0.1mm

  • 4-7(sec. monochrome), 7-12sec. (RGB) exposure per layer
  • 2-5 Base layer

Advantages of Basic Resin

  • Cost-effective all-round resin
  • Highest detail and sharp contours
  • Low odor and no aggressive ingredients
  • Excellent dimensional stability and low shrinkage
  • Available in transparent and opaque colors with Color Ampules.


  • DLP and LCD 3D printer with a light source ranging from 395nm to 405nm such as Elegoo, Anycubic, Phrozen, Creality,...
Not Compatible
  • SLA 3D Printer

Alternatives to Basic Resin

How to Store Basic Resin

Store Basic Resin cool and dry away from sunlight to keep resin at peak condition. Minimize exposure during outside and filter resin before returning it into the bottle.

Disposal of Basic Resin

Dispose of contents/container to hazardous or special waste collection point. Fully cured resin can be disposed of in an appropriate waste stream for plastics.

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