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The sharp flexible needle makes loosen clogged residue easy and effortless. The all metal quality build was specially chosen to withstand the heat of the nozzle and to be safe from melting plastic.


for removing a blockage in a 3D printer nozzle

Caution: the nozzle is hot and the all metal construction of the needle conducts heat well. To remove a clogg with the needle method the size of the needle needs to be small enough to fit the nozzle. For a standard diameter of 0.4mm the 0.3mm needle works ideal. Preheat the nozzle to the regular printing temperature for the material last in use. The goal is to break the blockage and clear the nozzle. Insert the needle from below and careful wiggle it around. Then remove the needle and insert filament manually from above through the extruder. Push firmly to extraxt the brocken up blockage particles through the nozzle. If the blockage is not yet clear repeat the steps again.


To dispose of used cleaning needles use a sharp proof continer. Dispose at an appropriate waste collection center.